Cheer Burger in Los Angeles, USA

Cheer Burger in Los Angeles, USA

First thursday of every month, thousands of people gather on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California, to eat food, smoke pot, make out and dance. Well, at least they eat and socialize, that’s all I can prove. I had heard rumors about a company called Cheer Burger, selling their food from an ambulating food truck around the Los Angeles area. I had to try.

I took a look at Yelp, and it turned out the average rating is quite low. As always, I started by ignoring the people handing out low grades for the sole reason that they “had to wait for too long”. They’re talking out of their ass. They had to wait because there was a long line, how is their waiting my problem when I eat a cheer burger? Then I had to truncate the statistics by removing the straight A:s given without a stated reason, and the F:s given by people who talk about everything but the actual food. Even then, I ended up with allot of Americans saying Cheer Burger serves quite average or below average hamburgers. There where just as many praising it, but still.Cheerburger2

As always, I chose to ignore the online rating site and go with my gut feeling and quasi-scientifical Yelp-study. Instead, I got in line. After about 30 minutes of standing there, it was finally my turn. Being a European, used to getting screwed in burger joints in whatever European city I visit, this food truck’s burgers were divine. Juicy meat with high fat content (from a piece of chuck), tasty cheese, crispy bacon and a soft bun. It is apparent that the American burger league is on such a high level, that when an American complains about a place like Cheer Burger, it could still very much be top of the line in other parts of the world. It’s like the NFL. I’m sure some American football fans could call the New England Patriots the worst team ever, and the Patriots might not have a chance winning the Super Bowl, but they would  still take out any European football team, any time of the day.


I disagree with the bad reviews on Yelp. This is a darn tasty burger, not just in relative terms but in absolute.

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