Blu Jam Café in Sherman Oaks, CA USA

Blu Jam Café in Sherman Oaks, CA USA

Artisan food and organic ingredients, that’s unique sales point many business try to make these days. Actually, with organic coffeeshops popping up every here and there, and with Whole Foods around every corner, perhaps “organic” is no longer unique at all. Sometimes restauranteurs are so happy about their organic products, that they tend to forget that they still need to know how to cook. As I’ve said before, you’re not a master of your trade just because you say you are.

I read about Blu Jam Café, and their amazing breakfasts and brunches. As always, I didn’t blindly follow the random reviewers on Yelp and TripAdvisor, but went to Blu Jam Café with a blank sheet in my head.

All ingredients are organic, it says in the menu. They have several vegetarian and vegan alternatives. I like all kind of food, vegetarian and vegan included, but today I choose to follow in my forefather’s steps, by choosing meat. I mean, pancakes made with margarine and/or oil, instead of real butter, who want’s that? I’ll tell you who wants that. The woman behind me, with thick “Skrillex glasses”, and a shaved head. She’s found her inner self, and is now preaching to her company about all the health benefits vegan food comes with.

I’m not saying that pancakes aren’t supposed to be sweet, heck, I made this amazing creation, but the blueberry pancakes at Blu Jam have way too much sugar in them. With the maple syrup on top, it’s just overwhelmingly sweet. There are no blueberries in the batter, they’re just placed on top. And now all of a sudden it’s supposed to be a blueberry pancake? I would have chopped some of them them up, and put them in the batter. Now, the berries are just not doing their thing. They just sit there, all sad, trying to balance on a mountain of carbohydrates. The fruit salad is amazing, and the eggs, sunny side up, are as you’d expect from any diner. But organic, not to forget, organic. Amazing fruit salad. Mediocre tea.

I haven’t tried their lunches, but judging from the menu and from the people ordering lunch at the table next to mine, it’s the standard soup, salads and sandwiches you’ll find in most diners, but here at Blu Jam, the quality of the ingredients and the freshness is above average.

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