Bacoa in Barcelona, Spain

Bacoa in Barcelona, Spain


Some places are good. Others are bad. And then there are the ones that are praised in some kind of mass hysteria, when in fact they’re terrible. Bacoa in Barcelona is such a place. The premise looks great, but the burgers are terrible. Remember to always read the bad reviews when you go on Yelp or TripAdvisor. If the people giving places bad grades seem to know what they’re talking about, their opinion might be of more value to you than all the “This was great but I can’t really explain why”-people.


So why is Bacoa so bad? Watch my video, and I’ll explain. Or read the following review, I agree fully with them:

Bacoa or “definitely overrated”

Everything was fine but the burgers

This review mentions Kiosko, which is basically Bacoa in another location (same owner)




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