Stuffed burgers for people who should watch their weight

Like a filled patty between two fried flatbreads

Stuffed burgers for people who should watch their weight

So this is basically a burger, with a patty filled with oil fried veggies and cheese. Topped with a home made sweet salsa and placed between fried bread. Packed with fat. It’s a dish to be made in an outdoor grill. Does it sound like a ridiculous dish? Well, it’s really tasty and easy to make. As for all the oil and calories, I never said it was for people watching their weight. I said it’s for people who *should* watch their weight. This recipe yields about 6 large burgers.

Instructions to follow

Start with the dough. Well, more like a batter...

  • 200-250 grams of water
  • Two large pinches of salt
  • About 3 grams of dry yeast
  • Olive oil for frying
  • 400 grams of wheat flour
  1. Dissolve the yeast in the water
  2. Mix in flour and salt (no, the salt won’t kill the yeast)
  3. Make sure it’s a very very thick batter rather than a dough. It’s the way we’re doing this, trust me.
  4. Cover and leave until the very end of this recipe.
Bread dough more like a batter

The burgers

  • 1 large onion
  • 1 large red bell pepper
  • 10 button mushrooms (preferably the brown forest picked ones rather than the white mass produced ones, for flavor, but the regular ones are still good)
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • Salt and black pepper to taste (so about two a pinches each)
  • Cheddar cheese (or any cheese that melts nicely)
  • 1 kg of ground beef (the higher fat percentage the better)
  • Olive oil to fry in
  • A cookie cutter if you have one, it makes things easier.
  1. Basically cut everything up into thin slices
  2. Use the skillet part of your grill if you have one with that feature or use a frying pan
  3. Fry it in a lot of oil until it’s soft and browned, add salt and pepper, and the filing is done.
  4. Place a large cookie cutter on your work surface. Take about 2/3 of the amount you intend to use per burger. Place it inside the cookie cutter and. Cover the bottom and the sides of the cookie cutter, like a large crater.
  5. Put some of the fried filling in there and a large chuck of cheese.
  6. Take the rest of the meat intended per burger (so about the remaining 1/3 in this case). Close the top of the cookie cutter and press hard using a spatula or your palm.
  7. The burger patty should slide out of the cookie cutter easily, like a lubricated penis out of an anus.
  8. Cover the whole burger in olive oil and sprinkle some salt and pepper to taste.
  9. Fry on your grill or, if you have no grill, on your frying pan. Not too long, but on heat high enough to really brown the surface. If you like your burger well done, that’s on. You’re allowed to.
Burgers filled with cheese and onion

The bacon

  • About 500 grams of bacon
  1. You could just fry the bacon and use it like that but let’s make it a little more fancy.... Make a “basket plate” out of it. Like, you place half of the bacon vertically. And then you place strips horizontally, every second time it’s over and every second time it’s under. So a woven bacon basket. Watch the video to get an idea of what u mean.
  2. Fry it on the skillet part of your outdoor grill. If you don’t have a grill to begin with, place this on some oven safe paper and place it in the oven on 250 degrees C until brown, then flip it over until it darkens a little. Either way, when it’s done, place it on a piece of paper. When it cools, it’ll turn really crispy. Leave the geese in the pan for the salsa...
  3. Put your crispy basket plate flat on your work surface and use a cookie cutter to make round disks out of it. If you have different sized cookie cutters, use one size smaller than what you used for the burgers as the burgers do shrink with some fat and moisture leaving them.
Woven bacon and sweet salsa

The sweet salsa

  • 4 tomatoes
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 spoonful of muscovado sugar (dark packed sugar, that has a “molassesy” taste to it)
  • Pinch of salt
  1. Cut the tomatoes and garlic into fine pieces.
  2. Fry in the bacon grease for flavor.
  3. Add the sugar. It will melt and caramelized. Be careful so you don’t burn it.
  4. Fry in the until liquid from the tomatoes have evaporated, and you’ve ended up with a thick and very sweet salsa.

The final steps

  1. Place a lot of flour on your work surface.
  2. Take two large spoonfuls of batter and shape them into two balls. They’ll be really sticky, like a scrotum after a long workout. That’s ok, that’s what you’re looking for here.
  3. A lot of olive oil on the skillet part of your grill or on a frying pan. Now fry your dough balls on there. This fried bread is like a mix between a Hungarian lángos and a British crumpet. When you get some color on one side, pour some oil on top of it and flip it over.
  4. Close your grill and bake it for 10 minutes so it’s done on the inside. Or if you’re home, put it in the oven on 200 degrees for 10 minutes.
  5. Bottom bread, thick filled patty, salsa on top, top bread, and you’re ready to shove it into your mouth.
Filled burger with pan fried bread #nofilter