Fish & Sea food

shrimp dumplings

Steamed and deep fried shrimp dumplings

Who doesn't like dumplings? Who doesn't like deep fried food? And who doesn't want to combine the two? Here is my recipe for steamed and deep fried shrimp dumplings. Ingredients for the shrimp dumplings ...
fish and chips with tartar sauce

The crispiest fish and chips

Have you ever had fish and chips? It is an English classic. It's either soggy and boring, or crispy as fuck and plain delicious. We're making the latter. Traditionally it's served with a lemon wedge, malt vineg...
salmon with pea purée

Glorious salmon with pea purée

”Lax med kokt potatis” means salmon with boiled potatoes. It’s quite popular in Sweden, and is often served with melted butter, potatoes boiled with dill, and boiled peas. This is a variation of it, and in my o...